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Imelda Cervantes

Corporate Comforts takes care of all the details for our business guests when they stay in El Paso. One less thing to worry about.  And our guests have always been very happy.

Robert Ceballos

My company had a large construction project in El Paso which required an extended stay. Corporate Comforts provided us apartment housing for the eight months we stayed. The accommodations were excellent. They were also near the site we were working on. Excellent service!

K Mar

Professional staff and helpful staff, very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Would recommend for anyone staying near a corporate comfort location.

Cindy Adkins

Corporate Comforts has the best corporate housing. Always clean, new facilities. And everything is always perfect!

Dewayne Jones

They provided me exceptional accommodations for my short stay in El Paso. Always professional and pleasant. And I will use them again.

Tom Trimble

We always use their services when we have K-9 training in El Paso because they have the best accommodations for our needs and our Federal agency. My 8 week stay was very pleasant. The Bungalows is a beautiful, new, well maintained complex. And they many other such accommodations throughout here and other places we have stayed.

Arnold de Leon Jr.

The apartment was spacious and had all of the amenities that a traveler may need. Corporate Comforts staff was very helpful, professional, and quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Would definitely recommend.

Margie Oldham

The whole staff made sure my 3 month stay in El Paso was a great one, had no complaints. Whenever I have business in El Paso I arrange my stay through them because they always make sure everything runs smoothly.

Salvador L.

My 3 month stay at the Bungalows was very nice. I had no complaints….Rose and her staff at Corporate Comforts made sure everything ran smoothly. I work with them regularly whenever I have business in El Paso.

John M.

They had awesome service and great people. I will use them above other services.

Jason P.

I have been here at [these apartments] for over 6 months.  I am very glad Corporate Comforts found this complex for me.  It is beautiful!  One of the best places I have stayed.