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Relocating for employment? Corporate Comforts offers Corporate Housing Savannah GA.

When your company has a need to find accommodations for visiting corporate executives, employees or consultants, you need to contact us at Corporate Comforts. We are the experts in the corporate housing industry, and enjoy the reputation of being the premier corporate housing provider in Savannah. We have helped traveling professionals, government employees, relocating employees, and those in the entertainment industry find the perfect corporate housing Savannah for their needs. And we can help you.

We will guide you through the process, gathering details and information about the needs and preferences of those that will be using our corporate housing Savannah, and learn about your budget guidelines and constraints. Then we will discuss our various properties and where they are located, together with the amenities and furnishings included with each one. Our discussion together with your review of our properties at our Locations page, will give us the information we need to help you select just the right corporate housing Savannah, GA for your purpose.

Your visitors, whether corporate employees, corporate executives, or business consultants, will be very impressed with the corporate housing Savannah you will provide for them through us. They will find the comforts of home, together with the convenience to the location(s) they will need, and the necessities of living included with their corporate housing Savannah. Included for them will be complete furniture, furnishings, appliances, electronics (including television, DVD player and high speed internet), as well as amenities such as a swimming pool and tennis courts. They will also find the location desirable, where they will be able to visit nearby restaurants, retail shopping outlets and even tourist attractions with ease. We will help with information, directions and maps to navigate the city and its surrounding areas. You will find that we have thought of everything.

We know that a simple answer is to book a hotel room for business visitors. We also know that a hotel is a more expensive choice. Also living in a hotel room can be confining and cold and sometimes unfriendly. Whereas corporate housing Savannah is much like living at home, with all the comforts of home and many of the amenities and luxury services you might relate to a five star hotel. After you are introduced to our corporate housing Savannah, you will know that it is a far superior choice to a hotel.

At Corporate Comforts, we are dedicated to the comfort of our guests, helping them to find the perfect corporate housing Savannah for their situation and including all the desired extras.

Call us today at 800-579-2550, or you can request information and we will get back to you right away.

Corporate Comforts offers Corporate Housing Savannah GA.

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Savannah, GA

Furnished Rentals in El Paso

When you travel away from home, you expect to make some compromises in your lodging. It is hard to match the comforts of home when lodging costs so much. Here at Corporate Comforts in El Paso, we look to change that. You will pay less than you would at a hotel, and get more with our furnished rentals in El Paso.

We provide convenient locations throughout the city with our full-sized furnished suites.

Corporate Comforts in El Paso provides attentive service 7 days a week while you stay in one of our fully equipped apartments. You pay less and get more when leasing our furnished rentals in El Paso.

When staying in one of our luxury suites, there is so much included in your monthly lease. You receive cable with our flat-screen TV’s, high speed internet, complimentary gym, parking, utilities and more.

Many of our properties include courtesy business service center, infinity pools, picnic areas with barbeques, volleyball courts, private theaters and more. This is a resort lifestyle in a home environment.

If you choose to stay in a property that offers walking distance to retail, restaurants and more, you can have that as well. Corporate Comforts in El Paso tries to offer something to everyone.

When staying in our furnished rentals in El Paso, you can feel completely at home. Our kitchens are fully equipped with kitchenware that will allow you to prepare any meal.

The bedrooms our furnished with luxury linens, towels and quality bedding. We try to make sure we provide the opportunity for you to sleep well, and to be recharged for the next day.

If you are staying in El Paso for 30 days or more for personal reasons, we can provide sightseeing information or whatever you need for assistance to make this stay a memorable one. If you are here for business, we will make sure you are well located for your busy work days.

We offer high end finishes in our units such as quality flooring, cabinets, appliances and more. Corporate Comforts in El Paso provides crown molding and quality carpeting so you can feel like you are in a luxury home.

Corporate Lodging in El Paso

If you are business person who needs corporate lodging in El Paso for 30 days or more, give Corporate Comforts in El Paso a call so we can help you find what you are looking for. We offer the finest extended stay lodging in the city.

You need a place that will give you the opportunity to stay focused on your work with few distractions and that is what you get with Corporate Comforts in El Paso. Our home style environments allow you to be reenergized at the end of a busy work day.

A hotel for an extended stay is cramped and sterile. Corporate lodging in El Paso allows you a resort style living with the home-style experience.

We offer multiple sized furnished suites for you to choose from. Small cozy studios or large multiple bedroom units are all options.

All you need to do is bring a suitcase. We provide linens, bedding, luxury towels and kitchenware. Our furnished units are well appointed and designed with style in mind.

One of the great advantages of staying in our corporate lodging in El Paso is the cost and value. When you can prepare your meals, work out and have access to a washer dryer, there is so much money saved.

Our corporate lodging in El Paso offers properties all throughout the city. We can provide whatever amenities that is important to you.

Corporate Comforts in El Paso offers luxury at a reasonable price. Properties with infinity pools, movie rooms, business services, volley ball courts, barbeques and more are all yours when staying with us.

You can budget your monthly costs with confidence. Included in your monthly lease is high speed internet, cable, utilities, parking and more are all a part of your monthly lease.

There are no fees when staying in one of our luxury suites. When staying in a hotel you do not know what hidden fees await you at check out.

Corporate Housing In El Paso

Choosing a luxury suite with Corporate Comforts in El Paso will mean that you are staying in quality and luxury. Our fully furnished apartments for corporate housing in El Paso provide the ultimate in quality.

We offer multiple properties in El Paso which will serve whatever area of the city your business brings you. Our elegantly furnished apartments offer spacious accommodations that will give you the space you need while staying in our beautiful city.

Corporate Comforts in El Paso wants you to feel right at home without compromising any of the quality you have come to expect in your daily life. Our corporate housing in El Paso will make sure you feel like home is never far away.

Our fully equipped suites come with high quality furnishings, finishes and top of the line appliances. Countertops, flooring, crown molding and are a part of our furnished units throughout the city.

We also offer wireless internet, utilities, parking, cable with flat screen TV’s all are a part of your monthly lease. There are no surprise fees as you check out, which is what often happens when you check out of a hotel.

Corporate Comforts in El Paso offers plush bedding with luxury linens and towels, high end appliances with all kitchenware necessary for preparing any meal, washer/dryer and so much more. Our corporate housing in El Paso is set up so that you are handed a key and you walk right into your home.

The amenities at all of our properties are designed to offer something for everyone. Infinity pools, recreation rooms with movie seating and projector screens, fully equipped fitness centers accessible 24 hours, volleyball courts, greenspaces with picnic tables and Barbeques.

Our corporate housing in El Paso can provide you with locations within walking distance to restaurants and entertainment, or something more secluded if that is your wish. Whatever you are looking for, we will find you the perfect extended stay for your time in El Paso.

Our professional agents are experts in listening to our clients and making sure we take care of their individual needs. We make customer service our number one concern.

Maybe the best thing about our corporate apartment in El Paso is how much value that you are getting for less money than a comparable hotel. We offer you luxury and comfort, with a reasonable price tag.

Please give us a call and we will answer whatever questions that you may have about your stay in El Paso. Our number is 800-579-2550. Please call us today and we can get started on finding you a perfect home.