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Corporate Housing vs. Subletting

Sometimes you need to spend a few months away from home. For whatever reason, if you find yourself in El Paso, TX for a few months and need temporary or corporate housing, Corporate

Comforts has you covered for a fair price. When your travels require a 30 day stay or more, you can count on us to provide the best solution for your housing needs. Our elegantly furnished apartments provide every convenience of a hotel, while being much larger and more affordable than an extended stay hotel or sublet.

Subletting comes with a few risks; risks that would be mitigated after choosing temporary housing through Corporate Comforts. With impeccably clean rooms, we offer a space where you can relax in peace and quiet. Renting a room out from a stranger can come with unnecessary burdens: a dirty common room, misplaced/stolen belongings, and loud noises after hours are a few of the common complaints that we have heard from clients that had previously subletted before choosing our housing. In our opinion, you can’t put a price on comfort and safety.  We have multiple locations in El Paso that provide comfort, cleanliness, and security for you and your belongings.

Our turn-key apartments give you privacy in an attractive and spacious living environment and a place that has all of the comforts of home – without a stranger in the kitchen. Whether you are a student, corporate professional, a service woman/man on temporary military duty, or in the area for family obligations, we offer a price that will make you think twice about an extended stay hotel or sublet. Our housing is close to major shopping areas and entertainment venues, and we provide a welcoming staff that provides a home away from home. Subletting often leads to less privacy, less space, and less peace of mind. Trust us when we say that Corporate Comforts is the right decision for your temporary housing needs.

Furnished Apartments Vs Hotels

Why furnished apartments?: If you are a corporate traveler, you’ll know the cringing feeling you often get checking into a hotel, especially for extended stays. Rooms are usually tiny, and no matter how beautiful the rest of the hotel is, all you have in your room. That is where you often need to be to finish work at the end of the day, all you have is a bed and bathroom.

Enter the furnished apartment

If you have never tried a furnished apartment, its way past time to experience the difference. Furnished apartments have the distinct advantage of feeling like home.

Space and Freedom

An apartment not only provides the space, which almost makes you feel like you’re at home, they also offer the freedom to cook for yourself if you wish. Apartments usually offer washing and drying facilities.

Even studio apartment feels much more spacious than a hotel. For families or groups staying together, two and three bedroom apartments usually come with a full sized kitchen and lounge (compared to the tiny kitchenette often found in hotel apartments).

The freedom to cook saves money and time in simple ways and provides freedom of choice. It’s nice to be able to make yourself some toast and coffee for breakfast instead of having to go to the same restaurant or same room service menu at the hotel…again.


Renting a furnished apartment does not need to mean you forego the facilities of a hotel. Many corporate apartments are within communities that include resort style pools, fitness centers, and restaurants. Quite often picnic and barbeque areas are also available.

Extended Stay Apartments

For longer stays, most furnished apartments provide a very reasonable monthly rate. Long-term apartment rental can help integrate new employees or provide temporary accommodation for contracts.

An extended stay apartment rental is an often seldom thought of, but a highly beneficial option for those in jobs that require shifting locations regularly. It can be both stress-free, very cost-effective, time-saving, and incredibly comfortable. It is often far cheaper than moving furniture across country or continent, and definitely much easier.

Costs of Furnished Apartments Compared to Hotels

furnsihed apartments vs hotels

With typical hotel rooms, you end up working on your bed.

The last surprising fact about furnished apartments is they are often actually cheaper than a hotel. You might have been thinking with all these benefits of extra space, surely there’s a huge price tag, but that’s not the case. Because you don’t have a 24-hour concierge desk and other such items a hotel needs to operate, a rented apartment can, in fact, be cheaper than a hotel. This is especially true for a long-term rental where owners or agents may have more incentive to provide discounts.

If you haven’t tried furnished apartments, for short, medium, or extended stays, look out for some of our options to experience the difference on your next location change.


If You Need Insurance Housing in El Paso, Call Us Today


If your house was flooded by a busted pipe and you need a place to stay while your house is being repaired, insurance housing in El Paso can be the ideal living arrangement. Corporate Comforts is the premier provider of insurance housing, TDY lodgings and extended stays, offering comfortable and affordable furnished apartments for your convenience.

Fully Furnished and Convenient

A flooded home usually means many of your personal possessions were damaged. You may not want to buy new furniture or other items for your house until the repairs are completed and until you know exactly what you need. This means you will have to find insurance housing that is furnished and that offers the amenities of home that you require until you get back into your own house.  Corporate Comforts has fully-furnished and fully stocked houses that offer everything from sofas and TVs to dishes and bed linens that you are going to need when you live in a temporary residence.

Flexible Stay Periods

You want to make sure your insurance housing is also going to allow you to stay for a short-term period since it probably will not take more than a few months for your home to be cleaned up and restored after the flood caused by the burst pipe.  Corporate Comforts offers a short-term stay so you are not locked into a six month or one year lease when your own home may be ready well before that time passes.

Corporate Comforts also offers affordable insurance housing in El Paso so the allowance from your insurer for temporary housing will pay the bills. Our location is convenient to work and shopping areas so you can get around easily while you live in temporary housing and there are plenty of onsite amenities to keep you busy as you wait for your home to be repaired.

To learn more about insurance housing in El Paso from Corporate Comforts, give us a call today.

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Finding a Good Place for an Extended Stay in El Paso

Journalists are always traveling, especially a freelance writer doing a travel piece. Looking for a place to spend an extended stay in El Paso means taking advantage of what Corporate Comforts has to offer. This company is an industry leader in extended stay facilities because they have outstanding customer service and the best lodgings in the area.

These are furnished apartments in El Paso that are perfect for any corporate or freelance writers that are planning on staying in the city for 30 days or more. When you are looking at writing a freelance travel  piece about El Paso, it is important to note that Corporate Comforts has various locations in the city so you can move around and see all the different sites.

There are many attractions in the area that any freelance writer will want to include in a fully rounded article, including the El Paso Zoo. Hueco Tanks is the perfect place to check out for any busy writer who wants to get back in touch with both nature and history for the article they are writing. There is so much to see and do in the El Paso area, you will need to find a good place that can provide you a relaxing and comfortable place to spend an extended stay in luxury and comfort.

Corporate Comforts is an excellent place that should be at the top of your list for an extended stay in El Paso. When you want comfort, relaxation and privacy during your assignment, call or visit Corporate Comforts today!

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Find Convenient TDY Lodgings in El Paso For Your Stay


If your charity group is going to be visiting Juarez for several months to do work for the poor, you may wish to look into TDY lodgings.  TDY lodgings in El Paso are going to be a much safer place for you to stay than in Juarez and you will get to experience the benefits of a great location when you are not actively doing your charity work.

Many groups who come to Juarez to do their work will stay for several months. If your organization is only going to be coming for a two month period of time, you need TDY lodgings in El Paso so you do not need to bring furniture or other household items and so you do not need to sign a long-term lease.  Corporate Comforts can provide everyone in your organization with a wonderful place to live for two months that has all of the comforts of home.

TDY lodgings that are provided by Corporate Comforts in the El Paso area are an easy commute to Juarez, so you will not have an overly long or difficult commute each day when you go to do your work.  The lodgings are also in a convenient location that is close to all of the amenities in El Paso including restaurants and stores. Charity work in Juarez can be physically and emotionally exhausting and it is nice to have a great place to relax and unwind when your work is done and you want to come home for the day.

To learn more about the TDY lodgings in El Paso provided by Corporate Comforts and to find a great place for your charity group to stay, give us a call today.

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